Thursday, September 5, 2013


My poor blog.
I'll just start with today and try to fill in later what I can.
Not that today was anything extraordinary - just a starting point.

so, first things first... i am sitting in bed (alone, k is out of town, very sad) eating a version of giada's chocolate chip cookies. and yum. ok, moving on.

the kids ate leftover oat bran muffins for breakfast. i had special k and decaf hazelnut coffee.
just hold on.
it picks up...

we opened all the curtains, picked up the house, folded laundry, did the morning routine.
ivy did some morning reading in her cowboy hat (thanks craig) and cabo bangles. she LOVES frog and toad and anything else emily sends her way.

i'm trying to start back on having a scripture verse for the week. major slacking. so i said deuteronomy 31:6 for them.
"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid, for the Lord your God goes with you. He will never leave you or forsake you."
 eli got a kick out of saying "be STRONG!" really loud with his fist in the air and then cracking up. He is so happy and fun. Ivy has to be coaxed into repeating the phrases. It is like pulling teeth, but so it is.

we got dressed and went to the doctor for Ivy to finally have an official allergy testing. we've suspected she has a peanut allergy since she was born pretty much. thankfully, she got most of her nerves out the other day when we came for a consultation.. thinking that's when she was going to be tested. the nurse was really sweet, ivy sat on my lap facing me, hugging me while she got three "scratches" (as the nurse called them) on her back. (when i tucked her in tonight, she said "mom, those were NOT scratches!? they were super hard POKES or something.")  it was obviously painful and she cried (if k were in town, this for sure would've been a daddy job. i hate it), but she was all okay in a few minutes. eli was so sweetly sympathetic. so....she does have a peanut allergy, in the top half of the range, and i was instructed to have an epi-pen and benadryl around. oook.

then we went to our first day of gymnastics this fall... kids had a blast.

lunch... dropped ivy off at preschool...
put eli down for a nap....
laid in my bed....
(told you this would pick up ;)

febreezed everything down in the backyard with eli. poured water on it and scrubbed it.
that's his thing.

picked up ivy.... went home.. played...made spaghetti.... took baths...read, sang, brushed teeth, prayed, went to bed.  baked cookies.  just want to add eli did splendidly on the potty today. he is also wearing white boys underwear from target that are the cutest on his tiny hiney.

this is the worst written post ever. i am so tired and have no creativity or filter.
just a starting point.
oh yes and 30 weeks along today! :)

sweet baby

selfie from eli 
giada's hazelnut and chocolate chip cookies RECIPE
(omitted the toffee & hazelnuts, added coconut and grey salt. so goood)

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