Sunday, September 8, 2013

sweet sunday

 eli begged for muffins this morning, so we made blueberry ones. my kids just like PLAIN muffins though, so i kept a few plain for them.  we also made blueberry crisp the other night and it was soo good. i'm having blueberry cravings apparently.  moving on...
 i think my mom used to fix my hair like this sometimes when i was younger, because i had serious deja vu this morning with ivy. i don't easily see myself in her, but i did today. she loved it... such a girl.
 ivy's preschool friend around the corner had the cutest birthday party this evening... i took 100 pictures and she's not even my kid :) i thought it'd be weird if i put them all on my blog.. ha but here's a few from her backyard circus birthday! the kids had a BLAST. there were games to play to win little prizes, a funny clown, hot dogs, popcorn & cotton candy, grilled chicken kebabs, little homemade cheese puffs, fruit, cutest stamped clown bags, susie cakes. beautiful afternoon and just pure joy watching the kids have so much fun. they are the sweetest family, and i hope to become better friends.

blueberry muffins
blueberry crisp

over & out!

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