Friday, September 6, 2013

ivy goes to pre-k

august 21, 2013
kirk house preschool
menlo park, ca
MWF 9AM - 12PM
TH 1- 4PM

this is ivy's second year in preschool, and her second year at kirk house.
i love her school and have been so happy and grateful for this sweet place for her during the morning.
she's now going 3 mornings a week, plus a special afternoon class that's a little more structured, helping to prepare them for kindergarden. she loves it loves it.
she has the same teachers as last year, and the same rooms, it's all very familiar and she didn't skip a beat. mostly the same children from last year, a handful of new ones. i think 22 total, with 5 teachers. the whole little school is open to them (it's small), and they are free to roam about from room to room. ivy usually starts in the art room, then moves to the dress-up area, does a project with a teacher, plays outside, has snack and "table time" with her small group teacher, they talk about the scripture verse for that week and different topics..  there are 4 rooms and a playground. each friday there's a bible based puppet show with teacher carol. it's a sweet little place and i just can't say it enough!

we made our favorite oat bran muffins with sprinkles for breakfast,
 ivy wore a little gap polka dot dress,
her gold jellies, and a pony tail.
the students wear jackets in the morning year round because mornings (and evenings) are cold here. ivy's not a huge fan of them though, so she usually takes it right off and puts it in her cubby. #11 this year. (she might just be wanting something to put in her cubby, i'm not really sure.)
she took the envelope from my hand as we were walking in and said with squinted eyes and a nodding head, "thanks mom. i need to carry my information." eli loves her school too.. but he misses her while she's there :( it's nice to have some eli time... for a few more months at least!

 we had dinner at k's office... pizza and ice cream trucks outside.
we celebrated the last day of summer/first school day with huge ice cream cones.
although he's tiny by this truck, he looks so old to me here

here's to a sweet, calm and joyful fall!

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