Friday, April 12, 2013


rare moment of sweetness... yes they are actually being sweet, ivy doesn't have him pinned down

chicken & spinach enchiladas
photos by ivy:

this week hasn't been particularly long, just really tiring. 
kevin and i feel 100 years old by 8 o'clock. 
is this normal? we're pretty sure we're the only ones. 
our dinner dates have to be at 5:30 or i literally can't make it. :) 
hey evvia. best restaurant around hands down. 

highlights from the week (last week?):
when ivy cried because i told her she can't marry eli.
homemade chicken enchiladas
ivy wore shorts! (and without any drama)
eli is basically practically bottle-weened
the glorious weather
the day eli only ate chocolate milk, a chocolate milkshake and croutons.
new summer dress in the mail (for me, not ivy for once)
eli's gymnastics class....picking up a squishy ball and dunking it one-handed?! impressive.
 sweetest kid ever. he goes where he's supposed to and always wants me right by him.
when it's time to go, he says "bye bye" real softly and leaves without any fuss
even though it's the best 45 minutes he's ever had in his life.

weekend plans:
make blueberry muffins and eat 'em all
take ives to a local kid's musical.. she is going to loove it
susie cakes
clean the backyarrrrrd
go watch a stanford baseball game with ivy's preschool.. should be fun
horse riding lesson
oh yeah.. take the kids to benihanas per ivy's request haha i'm super excited about this
i miss tokyo
and while we're at it, novroskys and chula vista.
wow i am fat.

hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Jessica said...

LOVE seeing these cute kiddos! Oh, and those enchiladas have me drooling. Miss you guys lots :) xo

KAM said...

this is gold.

you are great.


Kathryn said...

your house looks so cool.

lkbrock@gmail said...

Ya!!!!!!! a new post thank you chaiss and Lord

Judy Troutt said...

I am so glad you're back! Your blog is a high point to my day.