Wednesday, April 3, 2013

He is Risen!

 we were in town for easter, just us, so it was pretty laid back and simple. 
(we haven't been in texas for easter the past 3 years so that's kinda sad) 
but we had a wonderful day.
ivy woke us up when she walked into our room with her easter dress half pulled over her head, a sponge in her hand and a jelly bean in her mouth. 
"mom! eli got a sponge in his easter basket!"
"really? cool, sweetie. go put it back reeeallll quietly and i'll be there in just a minute."
(e loves to clean). 
i thought it was sweet she was so excited for him :)
not so sweet that she raided both baskets before the crack of dawn.

we made our favorite muffins with sprinkles 
opened baskets 
got dressed for church. 
(ivy couldn't have been more excited to wear her dress and flower headband. 
she is literally crazy about dresses.) 
celebrated easter and our risen Lord.
 home for naps and baking.
glazed sugar cookies and coconut pie. 

our super sweet neighbors invited us over for an early dinner. 
grilled lamb chops, mashed potatoes, asparagus, 
salad and homemade bread. so good. 
we sat outside and it was just so nice. 
her older kids hid eggs for mine and ivy was in.to. it. 
after she found them all, she re-hid them and hunted again by herself. 
eli found some too and ate probably 7 chocolate eggs. 
i do not know where he kept finding them. 
they have a few chickens, so when she first invited us over for dinner and an egg hunt, 
i thought they were going to hide chicken eggs..and i was kind of worried my kids would be disappointed and i would get embarrassed and aren't those really fragile?...but..it was just the plastic ones :)
she even had this big prize bag and everything. 
so, so sweet.

and that was nice and all, but the glory of Easter is really something entirely different.
i am so thankful for Jesus and the cross.
He is Risen!
By His wounds you have been healed. 

hope y'all had a happy easter!

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lkbrock@gmail said...

sweetest easter ever! I wish i was your kid