Saturday, December 15, 2012


  kevin whisked me away to vancouver for a long weekend for our anniversary 
and it was the loveliest time. 
 he told me just the night before where we were going, although i had a feeling.  
so gramma and cc came to stay with the kids, and we were off! 
i love the snow and mountains, especially this time of year. 
so beautiful and romantic. 
we spent two nights in vancouver
and two in whistler. 
kevin skied, 
i spa-ed (i just made that a verb)
we slept in,
and it was all such a treat.

what's better than sleeping in and waking up to snow covered mountains?
it was really nice just being on our own clocks
and having nothing to do.

it was beautiful, relaxing, quiet, slow. 
perfect for us.
maybe next year we'll pick up the pace :)

it was also soooo fun coming home to the kids 
who seemed 14 and 4. 
(how does that happen?)
ivy was so giddy to show me all the fun stuff she did and made. 
i know they had the best time.
 mom and cindy decked the halls
and had our house perfectly cozy and festive.
as well as a minor house-lift 
and total car clean-out.  
i can't thank you enough!

tis the season to be jolly!! 


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Sydney and Deming said...

What a great getaway!! Happy Holidays:)