Sunday, December 16, 2012

o christmas tree

this is our first year to get our own christmas tree! 
(i can't remember if we had one on eaton... so i'm thinking we didn't).
for one reason or another, we've never really had a chance/space to, 
and we're usually gone most of the holidays so it's not really worth it, 
but i really wanted one this year. 
we drove to a little tree lot, ivy picked one out, and they delivered it to our living room. 
gramma strung on the lights and ornaments when she was here. 
and ivy colored a little star to put on top. 
then she got really into ornaments, adding things here and there.
an angel she made in preschool, 
a red and green wreath from church, 
a pack of gift tags that she got from a saleslady at jcrew. 
i love it.
perfectly imperfect. 
so colorful and bright.

now if only i had anything to put under it!

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